Web Version of Adalogical Ænigma #33
Fit each white square with the correct line

Simplified Rules

  1. Bisect each white square, even those with numbers, with either a horizontal or vertical bar.
  2. A number in a black square specifies exactly how many of its four neighboring square's bars are pointed at the black square.
  3. A number in a white square specifies the total length of the line passing through the square. No line may pass through more than one number, but some lines will not pass through a number.

Once You've Completed the Grid

  1. Click show letters.
  2. Find all of the white squares having an odd length passing through them.
  3. Reading all of the letters in these squares, left-to-right, top-to-bottom, advancing each in the alphabet (wrapping from Z to A if necessary) by the length of the line passing through it's square, will reveal a clue to your final answer.
  4. The final answer is 11 characters long. Submit it to aenigma@pavelspuzzles.com for a 10% discount at Pavel's Puzzles and being entered into a drawing for a free X Games puzzle.