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Note: showing letters is mostly only useful after you've solved the whole grid.

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Well done!

You've solved the analytical part of the example puzzle. Use the scratch area above to work on finding the final answer.

Click on the "Ænigma #22" tab to continue on to the larger puzzle and good luck!


You've solved the analytical part of this Ænigma! (which is no mean feat) Please use the scratch area above and instructions below to continue on to finding the final answer, which will earn you one free non-alcoholic drink at Ada's technical bookshop in Seattle.

Final Clue Instructions

In order to find the final answer, you must walk a path through the completed puzzle:
  1. Start at the top blank square on the right edge and begin travelling left.
  2. Walking only on blank squares take the shortest route to the fourth topmost blank square on the same right edge.
    • Where there are multiple shortest routes, prefer the one that postpones turning as long as possible.
  3. For each letter you encounter advance it forward in the alphabet by the number of adjacent filled squares.
  4. Reading the resulting letters in order will reveal a clue to your final answer.


Final Answer for {{jsonUrl | puzzleNameFormat}}:

{{answerLength - answer.length}}
See the PDF for a short walk-through on solving the example.

Also see the paper version: PDF (click puzzle image on this site)

The puzzle above was created by Pavel Curtis (all rights reserved) for Ada's Technical bookshop in Seattle. This web version was created by @hryanjones.

contact puzzle creators Email Pavel and Ryan @pavelcurtis @hryanjones

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