Adalogical Ænigma #20 (PDF version) Clear

6 filled to right
10 filled below
The puzzle above was created by Pavel Curtis (all rights reserved) for Ada's Technical bookshop in Seattle. This web version was created by @hryanjones.

Puzzle description (taken from PDF)

Gentle patron,

A picture, we are frequently told, is worth ten thousand words. Or is it one thousand? I believe I have heard this ancient adage both ways, and that illustrates nicely why I have long found this oft-quoted morsel of wisdom terribly frustrating: it is so vague, so inconsistent, so unscientific! How would one even measure this result to begin with?

Nonetheless, I of course understand the intent behind the adage and agree wholeheartedly that imagery can often convey clearly what words may make obscure, and that is what inspires the present ænigma.

In the grid [above], each heavily-outlined region should either be completely darkened or else left entirely white. Each numeric clue indicates the total count of darkened squares in the associated row or column. Numbers above a diagonal line count squares in the row to the right, while those below the line count squares in the column below. Squares containing numeric clues may not be darkened.

Note that there are occasionally multiple numeric clues in the same row or column; each clue gives information only about the squares up to the next clue (or to the edge of the grid).

Once you’ve completed the grid, you can move on to finding the final answer to my ænigma. The image formed from all of your darkened squares will reveal a clue to your final answer, which this time is the name of a pictorial entertainment.

Good luck!